Doodling @ Home

sketch 20160223 Travel App

#0014 Tinder + Travel Photography + Big Data = a travel planning app.  If a picture says a thousand words then why not have an app with travel photos that you could swipe through (right for like, left for don’t like and down for more information) to discern your preferences?  I like the swipe mechanism, it seems a more efficient way of trawling through a stream of ideas quickly.  Being shown 10 photos a day could build your profile without being overly intrusive?  Like during my daily bus commute.  Then an AI engine could use the data (via tagging) to suggest places that you might enjoy visiting and travel itineraries.
23 Feb 2016

PS. I was practicing simplifying by sketching icons to represent travel planning. Can you guess them?

PS(2). This could be the concept for a startup.  How do I find a developer?

Washing Machine @ Home

sketch 20160217 Washing Machine

#0009 My trusty LG washing machine … 4-5 loads a week.  Despite having 6 wash options I’ve only ever used the 54 min Sportswear setting.
17 Feb 2016

PS. I was inspired by an interview about honesty in drawing.  Hence instead of Googling a photo of the Botanic Gardens (which I jogged around today), my sketching cue is from what I can see in the present moment.