Figure Hacking @ Home

sketch 20160314 People Hacking

#0032  I stared at the backs of  lots of people today as I walked to and from the bus stop to work (you can’t look them in the eyes cos of the risk of being punched for being weird). Trying to figure out how body proportions worked and how weight shifts from one leg to the other.  With a little bit of help from Leonardo Da Vinci’s perfect man – the Vitruvian Man – I came up with my hack to get slightly better proportions when sketching people.
14 Mar 2016

3 thoughts on “Figure Hacking @ Home

      1. I get that. Since I started drawing again I look at the world very differently – I notice the shapes of things and the way light plays across different surfaces in a way I never did before. But for me, it’s gradual. I think I know what something looks like until I want to draw it. Then I’m usually surprised by things I hadn’t noticed before. Proportion is one of the things that surprises me most often! So this is a really useful starting point. Thank you!


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