Lego Exhibition @ Sydney

sketch 20160418 Lego

#0074  Lego exhibition at the Museum of Sydney on Sydney iconic structures; this one was a cross section of the Sydney Opera House.  Under the exhibit was a work-table and sea of Lego with many hands (small and large) making their own creations.
18 Apr 2016

PS.  Lego is addictive.

Fishing on Hunter River @ Newcastle

sketch 20160420 fishing

#0072  A few of the hundred or so people fishing off the boardwalk overlooking the Hunter River in the evening, catching mainly hairtail, a silvery eel-like fish just a bit longer than my arm.
20 Apr 2016

PS.  All was going fine and well until I realised that the pram-trolley thing was half its actual height after the fact because of a slight lack of preparation and attention to detail!

PS(2).  Decided nothing to lose painting it after rookie error #1 above, with less formality to keeping within the lines … turned out better than expected and I’m pleased with the result!

sketch 20160420 fishing v2


Out and About : Newtown

Newtown is an inner west city suburb 4km from the Sydney CBD; originally a working class suburb and later affordable housing for university students and artsy types, the area has become popular for its cool, diverse and unique population within a stone’s throw from the city.  At time of writing, Newtown does not have its own McDonald’s restaurant (closed in the 1990s) – Phew!

Here is my collection of sketches from Newtown.
23 Apr 2016

#0050 Terrace Houses
#0049 Cafe Newtown
#0048 Bicycle
#0047 Red Cars
#0046 St George’s Hall

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Cheese Tasting @ Hunter Valley

sketch 20160421 cheese plate

#0070  Detour on the drive home.  Cheese tasting plate at the Hunter Valley Cheese Co ($6.95!); the washed rind with its bit of “twang” made it home with us.
21 Apr 2016

PS.  First attempt to add whimsy and personality (and food) to my sketchbook pages!

PS (2).  Consumed fromage blanc and half the brie before I got the idea to sketch it.