Art Tools @ Home

sketch 20160528 art tools

#0106  Current art kit, inherited a few things from offspring #2 the prolific teenage artist.
28 May 2016

PS.  Took every ounce of self control not to paint all the objects fully.

PS(2).  Sketch was a suggestion from offspring #2 and inspired by fellow blogger Dina.

Shading Experiment @ Home

sketch 20160525 bins

#0103  Wasn’t completely happy with the shading on yesterday’s picture of bins (I used version 1) so I experimented to get a visual comparison with various angles.  Version 3 seems to give the best effect although I’m still not sure.  Any tips for when I don’t have time to paint?
25 May 2016

Decluttering @ Home

sketch 20160523 declutter

#0101  The most time-consuming bit about decluttering is the decision-making that goes with rid of the emotional attachment … our efforts over the last week sit near the front door, ready to go to charity and the hard rubbish collection.
23 May 2016