Afternoon in the Yard @ Home

sketch 20160523 yard work

#0100  An afternoon spent in the yard – painting the deck and mulching the garden.
22 May 2016

PS.  Honestly I have all fingers intact.  Got carried away sketching the secaturs, didn’t notice rookie error till I began painting.

PS(2).  I’ve made it to 100 posts!

12 thoughts on “Afternoon in the Yard @ Home

  1. Great drawing, do you start with a pencil or dive right in with ink? Suppose I’m asking what you do first. I’m looking at using water colour, have done in the past, but always gave up because I’m so heavy handed (that’s the beauty of digital – ‘undo’ing allows me to peel back anything I find too much). ps. congrats on 100 posts.


    1. I start with drawing the big shapes in pencil using relative position (ie finger of glove lines up with top of paintbrush) to get the proportions in place. Then I use a thicker nib to do a contour line of the outside, followed by thinner nib pen for the inside details. Have waterproof ink in my fountain pen which means I can do watercolours without smudges although I wouldn’t mind finding a grey ink as the lines seem too dark initially.
      Drawing for this blog was the first time I used pen which meant committing to the lines and being slower and more deliberate about observing the shapes. Much harder but I’m learning a bit with each sketch and much happier these days with the final drawing.
      My painting however still needs a bit more practice (and perhaps a different brush) to get to where I’d like it to be …
      Good luck with your journey; I look forward to seeing your water colour sketches 🙂

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      1. Thanks so much for explaining that. Part of water colour I like is that I can carry around everywhere, but do struggle with the pen – what to use. I buy pens at the art shop, again, I’m not a fan not much line variation and pointy ones still too thick. Do you use just ordinary fountain pens? not nip and bottle of ink?


      2. I mainly use a Platinum fountain pen with carbon ink which I found at Konikuniya, a Japanese bookstore. It has water-resistant ink which means I can put water colours over it without the ink bleeding and its pretty inexpensive (A$22). I also have a Lamy Safari pen which has a thicker nib which I absolutely love drawing with but the ink isn’t waterproof. I’ve bought most of my stuff here at Eckersley’s (the art shop) and Dymock’s (the bookstore). Yeah it took a few tries to find the pens that I was happy with. What do you use at the moment?
        PS your question inspired me to sketch my current art kit!


      3. OK, so I too was inspired! And maybe spent a little too much this, I really wanted something that I can re-fill, with ikn I want to use, however am curious about Konikuiya. I post my sketches on my Instragram account and I used my ink pen. So, the cartridge is NOT water proof, but I’m hoping that won’t be a problem when I fill the cartridge with my ink.


      4. Yes I think I can spend too much money at the art store if let loose! The Instagram account is a good idea … are you getting lots of feedback that way?


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