Shading Experiment @ Home

sketch 20160525 bins

#0103  Wasn’t completely happy with the shading on yesterday’s picture of bins (I used version 1) so I experimented to get a visual comparison with various angles.  Version 3 seems to give the best effect although I’m still not sure.  Any tips for when I don’t have time to paint?
25 May 2016

2 thoughts on “Shading Experiment @ Home

  1. I always shade like in your version 3, but sometimes when something really needs it I cross-hatch like in version 5. I think many artists use a variety of hatching/shading styles depending on what it is they are actually drawing.


    1. Cool thanks for sharing your preferences, and yes I will look at lots more artists to get a better sense of how to shade in a more harmonious way! I do like how yours is a looser style 🙂


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