6 thoughts on “Vespa @ Sydney

    1. Thanks for sharing your picture, I love the spontaneity with just brushstrokes … hopefully I’ll get to that stage one day! Most sketches take about 30-45 minutes, a bit longer than the 15 minutes that I set as a minimum target, but I think that’s because I like adding in the details 🙂


      1. Ya – You like adding in the details 🙂 It’s good that you are more diligent. In my case i only draw or paint when i have a strong urge to do so and i try to finish it as fast as i can. I am really interested in trying “Ink and Water-Color” combination after seeing your work 🙂


      2. Yeah I’ve been practicing trying to get the vibrancy with watercolour. I like having some colour on my pages but I don’t always have the time for it! As for sketches, I’m trying to draw everything possible, even the subjects that are challenging and that I don’t feel like drawing, just to get over the mental hurdle. Good luck with your sketches, I look forward to seeing more of it 🙂


      3. watercolors always attract me and I followed your blog to keep an eye on your endeavors 😛 I am not a streamlined artist as you are however i keep uploading random sketches on my blog. You are welcome there to like or criticize 🙂


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