Pattisons @ Cammeray

sketch 20160611 pattisons

#0123  Mid-morning at the fancy bakery.
11 Jun 2016



6 thoughts on “Pattisons @ Cammeray

  1. Extraordinary…there used to be a Pattersons bakery in Chapel St, Prahran, an Australian business which closed quite a few years ago. I was so sad to see it go! What are their pastries like? Lovely doodle, tnp.


    1. The pastries are so decadent; hard to decide what to have …
      As an aside, I was in Melbourne yesterday and appreciated the city architecture in a different way from when I lived there 10 years ago … disappointed not to have sketching time!


      1. Well, it would’ve been a wet-toned architecture for sure! As for pastries and deciding, well, you can work your way through them, one at a time, each time you’re there…yes!! *wink


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