Nook @ Home

sketch 20160724 nook

#0162  A once bare space between the kitchen and dining area gets cosied up with furnishings from other parts of the house and becomes a special spot to show off offspring #1’s handmade tie-dye cushion (school project).
24 Jul 2016


8 thoughts on “Nook @ Home

      1. I think there is something in what you say. I find I often do a better sketch if it’s a subject I’ve had lots of chances to observe before (even if I’ve never sketched it), and those subjects do naturally tend to be the more personal ones. I think we spend a lot of time looking without necessarily realising that we’re taking in information about how a thing is. Hurray for that! 🙂


    1. I think he tied up bunches of cloth with string before it was dyed. He made it in Year 5 at school and its always felt lost amongst the other cushions on the sofa … so I was happy to give it a special spot!


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