Watercolour Set @ Home

sketch 20160831 watercolour set

#0198  Was thinking it was time to retire the el-cheapo watercolour set … notably I haven’t had as much use out of the reds/browns.  Bought it when I wasn’t sure how committed I could be to a daily sketch but think I’m comfortable upgrading now.
31 Aug 2016


Postcard from Guam Government House

sketch 20160824 guam government house

#0191  Guam Government House Agana Guam (1980).  The back of the postcard reads “The beautiful new building on a hilltop overlooking the city of Agana and the beautiful Pacific Ocean – is the official residence and reception area for the governor of the Territory of Guam”.  This was the very first stop on my very first overseas trip with my sister and maternal grandmother.  I wonder whether what this building looks like 30+ years on.
24 Aug 2016