Postcard from Guam Government House

sketch 20160824 guam government house

#0191  Guam Government House Agana Guam (1980).  The back of the postcard reads “The beautiful new building on a hilltop overlooking the city of Agana and the beautiful Pacific Ocean – is the official residence and reception area for the governor of the Territory of Guam”.  This was the very first stop on my very first overseas trip with my sister and maternal grandmother.  I wonder whether what this building looks like 30+ years on.
24 Aug 2016

Bedside Table @ Home

sketch 20160817 bedside table

#0184  I’m slightly obsessive compulsive so I’ve got about 10 books by my beside table waiting to be read, now that I’m in a reading mood again.
17 Aug 2016

PS.  For the record (and I’m a super-nerd prone to analysis paralysis) the books in the sketch are –
Small Data by Martin Lindstrom
The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver
The Conversations by Olivia Fane
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
The Undercover Economist by Tim Hartford
Freakonomics by Steven Dubner

Postcard from Cornwall

sketch 20160816 cornwall

#0183  Cornwall UK (1996).
16 Aug 2016

PS.  Time seems to have gotten the better of me in the last fortnight as my personal admin hits a new high.  This morning I spent more time thinking about whether to skip the daily sketch (as I tidied up the house) rather than actually sketching!