18ft Skiff Race Prep @ Kirribilli

sketch 20160409 18ft skiff race

#0060  Preparing the sails for the 18ft skiff race on the Sydney Harbour.  I’d thought for ages that it would be nice to get out to watch the races on the spectator ferry from Kirribilli Marina and finally found a Saturday afternoon to get out … lucky cos it turned out to be the last race for the season.  Boat #1 is  called “Top Weight” and the one behind it is “Britannia’.  A relaxing end to the summer.
09 Apr 2016

The Flying Bear Cafe @ Kirribilli

sketch 20160214 Flying Bear Cafe

#0006 We stopped by on a hot summer’s day for a refreshing cold homemade lemon iced tea and a caramel slice.
14 Feb 2016

PS. As we were leaving I spotted a flyer advert on the noticeboard for the spectator ferry which follows the yacht race fleet on Saturday afternoons during the sailing season.  For $20-$25 its a fantastic way to experience the harbour on the cheap and I’ll look to schedule it into one of my upcoming weekends.