Gossipping Old Ladies @ Cabramatta

sketch 20160528 gossip

#0110  Little old ladies catching up on gossip outside the fruit & vegetable shop.  Everyone has a puffer jacket these days.
28 May 2016

PS.  A lighter sketching touch after I’d pencilled the shapes.  Also experimented to get a  richer “juicy” water colour effect and left some white space.  I like the informality of the result; am more inclined to paint using this style going forward as its less time consuming.

Fishing on Hunter River @ Newcastle

sketch 20160420 fishing

#0072  A few of the hundred or so people fishing off the boardwalk overlooking the Hunter River in the evening, catching mainly hairtail, a silvery eel-like fish just a bit longer than my arm.
20 Apr 2016

PS.  All was going fine and well until I realised that the pram-trolley thing was half its actual height after the fact because of a slight lack of preparation and attention to detail!

PS(2).  Decided nothing to lose painting it after rookie error #1 above, with less formality to keeping within the lines … turned out better than expected and I’m pleased with the result!

sketch 20160420 fishing v2


Figure Hacking @ Home

sketch 20160314 People Hacking

#0032  I stared at the backs of  lots of people today as I walked to and from the bus stop to work (you can’t look them in the eyes cos of the risk of being punched for being weird). Trying to figure out how body proportions worked and how weight shifts from one leg to the other.  With a little bit of help from Leonardo Da Vinci’s perfect man – the Vitruvian Man – I came up with my hack to get slightly better proportions when sketching people.
14 Mar 2016