Ski Boots @ Home

sketch 20160903 ski boots

#0201  Offspring #2’s new second-hand telemark ski boots  (telemarking is a classic European style of skiing where you have to bend your knees to turn, seems like way too much effort to me).
03 Sep 2016

PS.  Occurred to me after the fact that I should have used this subject for continuous line drawing practice.

Wedges @ Home

sketch 20160622 wedges

#0131  Went to many parties in these wedges, but it makes my feet sweat and was a hand-me-down from rich sister with smaller feet.  After sketching I put it in the bag for the charity shop.
22 Jun 2016

PS. The background was done last minute as the shoes looked too stark on the page; might try a bolder colour for stronger contrast next time.  Any palette suggestions?