Postcard from East Cape Lighthouse


#0209  Erected in 1922, the East Cape Lighthouse stands 154m above the Pacific Ocean, 14m high, the light flashes every ten seconds and is visible for 50km.  The Lighthouse was automated in 1986.  East Island was the original Site.  East Cape near Gisborne New Zealand (2000).
14 Sep 2016

PS.  No pencil!!  Note to self – don’t forget to breathe.

Postcard from Uxmal


#0207 A close up of the Soothsayer’s Temple with the Nuns’ Quadrangle in the background.  Mayan ruins at Uxmal Yucatan Mexico (1995).
12 Sep 2016

PS.  Lately I’ve hit a wall in terms of progress, maybe because I’ve been relying on my pencil too much rather than having more fluid lines.  This sketch is an attempt to embrace the imperfection of freehand drawing again 🙂