Office (1) @ Home

sketch 20160630 office1

#0139  An aerial view of my home office (imagine I’m floating above the room) by the entrance of the house.  Think a few items were not in proportion because the room feels crampier and messier than it looks.
30 Jun 2016

PS.  Idea inspired by this blog post.  Its a nice alternative way to remember places that I might visit in the future.

Tree @ Home

sketch 20160504 tree

#0083  This was a fun exercise to get a tree effect – using a straw I put a large blob of paint down and blew on it till most of the paint had dissipated.  I was blue from blowing the last of the paint!
04 May 2016

PS.  I love the effect!  Looks very much like the woody trees we have with very little foliage here in Oz.

Church @ Home

sketch 20160315 Church

#0034  Watercolour exercise – using red & purple for shading effects wasn’t something I thought about doing previously but the end effect is pretty interesting.
15 Mar 2016

PS.  Just realised I should have planned the sketch a bit better as its skewed to one side of the page!

Figure Hacking @ Home

sketch 20160314 People Hacking

#0032  I stared at the backs of  lots of people today as I walked to and from the bus stop to work (you can’t look them in the eyes cos of the risk of being punched for being weird). Trying to figure out how body proportions worked and how weight shifts from one leg to the other.  With a little bit of help from Leonardo Da Vinci’s perfect man – the Vitruvian Man – I came up with my hack to get slightly better proportions when sketching people.
14 Mar 2016