18ft Skiff Race Prep @ Kirribilli

sketch 20160409 18ft skiff race

#0060  Preparing the sails for the 18ft skiff race on the Sydney Harbour.  I’d thought for ages that it would be nice to get out to watch the races on the spectator ferry from Kirribilli Marina and finally found a Saturday afternoon to get out … lucky cos it turned out to be the last race for the season.  Boat #1 is  called “Top Weight” and the one behind it is “Britannia’.  A relaxing end to the summer.
09 Apr 2016

3 thoughts on “18ft Skiff Race Prep @ Kirribilli

  1. Nice, i knew you were from Sydney straight away when seeing the name of your art pieces ☺️ My cousins live in Cremorne & race their boat a 30ft in the twilights. I sailed as a kid in Melbourne on skiffs so love this painting. We spent Australia day 2015 on the harbour as part of the parade of sails….was the best Australia Day ive had……so patriotic & well being on the waters always awesome!


    1. Hi Michelle, It has been a while since I’ve been out sailing and after that day I wondered why I don’t do it more often! Glad that the picture reminded you of good times; funny that you mention Cremorne and Melbourne as I’ve lived in both places! Thanks for sharing your memories 🙂


      1. Cool, i live on Mornington Peninsular but dont get out on the bay often….spend a lot of time on our beaches though…..lucky to have the best of both worlds with beautiful stretcjes off sand & calm seas one side & the wild ocean surf beachs on other…..cant live to far from the water. Good luck with your artwork in the comp.


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